Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Rocky Start

For wanting to join the world of blogging I got off to a rocky start. Only two posts prior to this and both in 2007! The shame! I hope this gets my writing juices flowing. With a hubs, two young kiddos, and a full-time job, precious moments of solitude are rare! I used to be able to escape to the haven of the shower, but now, my son insists on talking to me through the shower door. I can't see him clearly, but I spot his approach when I see a fuzzy outline the color of his pj's.

So, my shower time is now conversation time with my three-year-old. And, we have grand discussions as I wash my hair and scrub my feet. He tells me about dinosaurs and how his favorite is the T-Rex and do I know how loud a T-Rex can roar? He tells me he doesn't like flies and do mosquito hawks really eat mosquitoes? To clarify, he actually calls them "bisquito crows." He asks if he can have cereal when he wakes up in the morning and if we have fruit loops. He wants to know if it is my night to read him bedtime stories or Daddy's. He asks when his little sister will be out of the crib and in her "big girl bed." Finally I turn off the shower and step out and grab my towel. This is when my son decides he no longer has my full attention so he wanders off to play with his sister.

I do treasure these moments because I know they will slip past before I know it. It is like how my sister-in-law won't wash her sliding glass door for days after the kids visit. She says she loves seeing their dirty little hands prints on the glass. Sometimes I get caught up in the rush of the day...the hassles and stress. Then I see my kids faces and I realize they don't understand about the hustle and bustle...they just want my time. So in those moments I stop and treasure the very beings that are my children.