Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I love words. I love linking them together and creating vivid mental pictures. I love learning new words. And, there are some words that are just fun. I was thinking of words that I love most. "Serendipity" is a chart topper for me. Not only is it fun to say but the bubbly excitement captured in its definition is truly an accidental discovery of something valuable.

Another fun word to say is "hemoglobin." That word just bounces off the tongue. It lacks in definition, having a dry medical meaning, but really makes a comeback with the fun shapes your lips make to sound it out. "Hibiscus" is another winner. A cheery word with a beautiful, Hawaiian flower in the definition. I have tried growing hibiscus in our flowerbed because I wanted the sheer ability to say, "Oh that? That is hibiscus! Isn't it a beautiful hibiscus?"

Some words are embarrassing to say. Why are body parts so mortify in their names? I still shriek internally if someone says "penis" or "vagina." I much prefer their other common names of "pee-pee" and "hoo-hoo." How I got through childbirth is still a wonder.

Oh mercy! Some words are just icky. Icky sounding and icky in definition. "Hemorrhoid." The name lodges in the throat and conjures up painful mental pictures. The same holds true for "probe" and "varicose." Yuck!

I like love little-used words. I enjoy the challenge of incorporating them naturally into daily conversations. For example, "Well, tallyho then! I am off!" Or, "Methinks it is time for dinner." Yep. I am geeky like that.

Well it is time to wind up this wordy blog. So I will close with wishing you a "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" kind of day!