Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Underwater babies!

We got underwater photos of our kiddos from their swim school. I love these!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Right now I have the joy of watching my two children splash around in their kiddie pool. I can't imagine how long this blog will take me to write as I find myself looking up every few seconds...they are both in swim lessons but I trust my eyes more than their judgment right now!

My son is wearing his favorite "flower" swim trunks. He likes them because his Daddy has a pair just like them. My daughter is in a Little Mermaid one-piece that is just adorable. Their pool is maybe 10 feet in diameter with squishy sides and a built in seat that my son calls the "Hot Dog Seat." We have maybe 10 inches of water in the pool.

The kids are having an insane amount of fun. They have been squealing and splashing around for 30 minutes and show no signs of slowing down. I love that they can enjoy such simple pleasures. We don't have a fancy built-in pool with a diving board, but they don't mind one bit.

Earlier today we had the excitement of being able to drive through a construction zone. The county is building a new middle school across the street and, as a bonus, we are getting a new road put in. But, in order to leave our house, we literally must drive through construction with earth movers and water trucks cruising beside us. We had to make a run into town so off we went through the marking stakes and concrete pipes. The kids thought this was more fun than a full day at the park! They screamed and waved to the construction workers and enjoyed as our Escape slipped and slid through the recently watered dirt. Again they seem to enjoy the simplest of pleasures.

My kids are blessings in so many ways. One of the purest ways is how they show me how to have fun doing everyday things. They remind me to be content. They help me realize we don't have to have the fanciest toys or gadgets to have a good time. Their actions constantly remind me of what is most important. It doesn't matter what brand of clothes I wear or how big our home is. What matters is simply enjoying them and every precious moment we have together.

I am spending the day with them today because I will be on the east coast next week for work. I will miss them terribly. I will remember today though and look forward to the following weekend when we can have another day of simple fun. Which...of the best type of fun!