Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The TV

The kidlets were playing in their toy kitchen. They decided they would clean their toy kitchen. They then decided they should clean the house. They started with the TV. They applied lots of water to the TV to clean it, because, to clean anything you have to use water. And, it stands to reason that the more water ones uses the cleaner something becomes.

The good news is that the kidlets won the battle in the war of water verses electronics. They did not electrocute themselves. The bad news is that the TV met an untimely demise. But, really, I would rather have my kids unscathed than a TV that works. And, it was an ugly, obnoxious TV anyway. You don't realize what you don't need until you raise children in your home. Like a full set of dishes or chairs withouts stains. Really, what fun is that?

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Amy said...

Oh man! I am terrified at the things my little guy will do in the coming years!

I clearly remember being at a birthday party in like 2nd grade and the birthday girl's little brother put a graham cracker in their NEW VCR so he could see it on the screen. Needless to say we didn't watch any movies that night!