Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can't Escape the Dork Factor

I was reading an article recently in which the person was asked, "When are you most yourself?" This question made me think. As a person with zero celebrity status, I have the pleasure - or maybe the curse - of being myself all the time. I don't try to put on airs because, in truth, I would be dreadful at such a task. So, whether I am running after my kids in the yard or working to close $100K worth of business I am me...my goofy self.

One dear friend once described me as a dork...and I embrace that label! I feel bad for people who think they have to act a certain way to fit in with a certain group. I love that I have an eclectic group of friends and I am my dorky self with all of them. That is a measure of true friendship...your true friends are the people that accept you and all your quirkiness.

Because of my dork factor, when I am with my friends laughter is as much of the conversation as words. I LOVE to laugh. I have a loud, guffawing belly laugh. Yes, I have been know to throw out a snort now and then as well. But isn't that fun? Isn't it even funnier when you snort when you laugh? It leads to more laughter. My kids have amazing giggly belly laughs. I love to hear them laughing as they play and run around. They haven't developed the snort yet but every so often the giggles bring about toots which results in peals of laughter.

I have some friends that are cool but most are dorks like me. We love life and take each day for what it is worth. We have challenges but we can laugh at them and ourselves. I am amused by people who can't laugh at themselves. They are so serious and so continually "on" that when something goes amiss they are mortified or worse...they are furious. Now, if I took myself that seriously I would be a mess. I am more clumsy than graceful and if I couldn't laugh at myself falling down I would be in sorry shape.

Everyone must have a dork factor deep in their core. People need to release their inner dorks and just be themselves. This world would be kinder if we all had a bit of goofiness in our days.

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ZenMom said...

From one dork to another: ! <3 you in all your dorky glory. ;)