Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have the best conversations with my son who is almost four years old. He is quite profound. His view of the world is untainted. It is pure and simple. It has been fascinating to watch his vocabulary expand and listen to his, "um, uh, um, er" as he searches for just the right word to describe something.

He will talk about anything...anywhere! This morning he provided me with a full rundown of events as they took place in the bathroom on the potty. He doesn't mean to be gross. He simply finds the process of him pooping utterly fascinating.

He is very into dinosaurs and can knows their different names by characteristics his spots. We had this conversation not long ago.

"See this Mommy?"

"That thing on its head?"

"That is a crest Mommy."


"That crest and this duck bill mean that this is a Parasauralopholus. Can you say para?"


"OK, good. Now say para saura."

"Para saura."

"Good job Mommy! Now say para saura lopholus."

"Para saura lopholus!"

"Good work Mommy!"

I know I am completely biased but I think my son is brilliant! Don't all mothers think this of their most precious gifts? I am amazed at how much my son learns in one day. He is indeed a sponge. He also remembers little details that I never even notice. We were talking about Disneyland and he was talking about the dinosaur eggs that we saw on the train ride through the park. He remembered exactly how many eggs were in the display and how many had cracked open and had little baby dinosaurs popping out (by the way, he is absolutely certain those dinosaurs are real and I love it!).

My husband and I enjoy listening to our son explain the world to his little sister. In the simplest of terms he educates her on the world around them. He tells her the flowers are "bee flowers" and the trees are for birds. He takes her tromping through our back field and points out river rocks that he is sure are dinosaur eggs waiting to hatch. He tells her the sky is blue because God likes that color. And, "we don't have grass yet but we have great foxtails and weeds!"

I absolutely love the sound of my son's voice. It melts my heart when I tuck him in at night and he says, "I love you mommy. Today you were my best friend."

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