Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rainy Weekend

This is the first time in my adult life I can recall having a rainy Memorial Day weekend. I am loving it! We are hosting a small barbecue tomorrow with traditional Memorial Day fare...hotdogs, chili, chips and dip. The only difference will be that instead of sitting out back enjoying some sunshine we will be sitting in the house enjoying warmth and conversation.

Where we live in Central California it gets blazing hot in the summer. An average summer day will hover around 101 degrees. So, a little rain and gloom late in the season is an absolute treat! It puts those dogs days of summer off a bit longer.

I also thought this weekend might be a bit of karma for the oil companies. As if prices were not high enough they hiked them up on Thursday hoping to make an extra buck (or twenty) from the weekend travellers. With the rain, most people we know are staying home. They are bunking in to avoid the rain rather than spending $4.19 per gallon to fill up their vehicle with regular unleaded. So, maybe the oil company profits will be a bit slimmer than expected. Oh, I am sure the oil executives will still have enough funds to wallpaper their mansions with $100 bills...but at least they will experience a little ding.

So bring on the rain! There is plenty of time for kite flying and bike riding later in the season! For now I am enjoying the coziness of home!

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