Thursday, April 9, 2009

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!

Mitchell has found his niche! His loving Karate...or actually Seieido...lessons. And, when I asked Miss Ellie if she wanted to take ballet or Karate she screamed, "Karateee!" So, Master Johnson will have another student in a year or two.

We hoped that Karate lessons would boost Mitchell's confidence since he is a shy guy. I have seen positive changes already. The fundamental lessons and discipline of the sport seem to be a natural fit for Mitchel. He does have Samurai warriors in his ancestry so maybe it is in his genes. And, I did have a grandma that was a bulldog! Whatever it is, I am so happy to see Mitchell coming out of his shell!


ZenMom said...

First, my ovaries ache just looking at how freaking ADORABLE your kids are!

Second, we were *just* talking about signing up Minion-the-First for a martial arts class here in town!

I *SO* wish we were close enough that they could be in the same dojo!

Miss you much! Happy Easter!

simplyme said...

Let me know if you sign up your oldest Minion! Mitchell loves it! And, your kidlets are amazingly cute as well...their eyes are heart-melters!