Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sick Kidlets

Our kids have been truly fortunate to have avoided any serious ailments thus far in their lives. Each has only had one previous bout with the flu...that is until now. Last night, I was up literally all night with my son. I found myself saying, "it's OK sweetie" and "get it all out" in my most soothing voice. I was patting his back and dashing after cool washcloths. All while trying not to get completely grossed out. Sickness is ugly! And, it smells.

This morning, I e-mailed my boss to let him know I would be out tending to the kids and then I went to work disinfecting our house. I spared no cleaning product! I scrubbed and wiped and rinsed and mopped. I did a job that would find favor with any HazMat team. I killed all stray germs with vengeance. Angry that they made my kids sick.

And, I cuddled. I took turns holding and rocking the kids. My daughter is on the mend but both kids are currently in competition over which one is the most sick. My son says he trumps my daughter because he "threw up eight times last night and you didn't!" Oddly, I remember doing this same thing with my brother. Like it is a badge of honor knowing exactly how many times you tossed your cookies during the night.

As the day has worn on the kids have gotten a little more sparky. Their eyes are lighting up. Their conversations are more animated. They are more mobile. That is not to say that they won't collapse in a heap if the sibling is getting even an ounce more attention. Me? I am just worn out! The hubs? He is actually sick also. He had to fend for himself. I called out the digits for phone number to reach our doctor and he made his own appointment (a first in our years of marriage!). So he is at the doctor and then has a short grocery list...saltines, 7-Up...

I think tomorrow the tribe will be much better. Not batting a perfect score but definitely back up at the plate.


ZenMom said...

Awww man. That sucks. Cyber-hugs for sick kidlets. And sick hubby, too.

If they get a fever over 101, definitely take them to the doctor! You don't want to take any chances with that new flu going around!

Love and antibodies to you! (You know you are next, right?)

Anonymous said...

Agh! Poor Sanos! Hopefully this finds the family on the mend. We STILL have to plan to get out for breakfast one of these days SOON!

This stomach crud is making the rounds. I was in the ER with nephew Taylor last Sunday - wouldn't you know, this being his first weekend "on his own" as an almost-adult, while my brother and sis-in-law were at the race track at Laguna Seca. Taylor got the same stomach bug and was violently ill, too. Took him down to Clovis ER to make sure he wasn't having appendicitis. Sheesh!

Lisa Nelson said...

Oh, that was me, Lisa, posting on that "anonymous" post above. HeeHee!