Friday, May 24, 2013

Let Yourself Go!

I recently took my kids to a local park with a BMX bike complex in the back. Mitchell was off and flying over hills large and small. Ellie was white-knuckled. The determination on her face told me she wanted to fly down the steep hill she had pushed her bike to the top of. The claw-like grip on her handle bars told me she also wanted to barf. With words that flew up from my soul I encouraged Ellie and told her to let herself go. 

She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said, "Let myself go?" 

I said, "Yes! Let yourself go and experience this hill. Once you conquer it you will be so proud of you and I will be proud of you too!"

Who was this talking? Let yourself go? When was the last time I let myself go? When was the last time I let myself experience something that made my belly tumble?

As Ellie listened a bright smile crossed her face and the next thing I knew she was sailing down the hill with squeals of delight! She showed her grit. 

I clapped and waved and cheered her on! I was so proud that she took the plunge!
Safely at the bottom she beamed! She was amazed at herself. She looked at me up at the top of the hill and shouted, "I did it, Momma! Now it is your turn!"

Say what? I was the encourager not the doer. But she had me. I had to gather my gumption and eek my bike to the edge of the slope. That daunting slope. The slope of fear. I braced myself and told myself to let myself go. And I did. I experienced that moment when your fear gets squashed by joy. The exhilaration of conquering something you could have easily walked away from. It was a rush of speed and wind. And yes, I may have squealed a bit. Fine! I squealed a lot. I found I still have some grit in these aging bones and my kids thought I was cool...for a moment at least!

That simple moment reminded me I need to let myself go once in a while. It is refreshing to step outside the zones of comfort. There is joy and awesomeness in conquering the hills in life. And, it is important to remember to enjoy the ride down and to squeal when appropriate!



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