Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sprocket - The Wonder Dog

Sprocket is 14 years old. Not too bad for a sweet girl that was given three days when her. I admit I am not above stepping over the line when an animal is being abused.

When we discovered Sprocket she was 18 pounds and nursing seven puppies...with teeth! Seven puppies that should have been weened but there was no food other than momma's milk. Sprocket was literally a skeleton doing all she could to keep her babies alive.

When my husband I and I first saw her we reported her to the very short-staffed humane society. After a day of no results we decided to take matters into our own hands. 

I dressed in all black...because that is what you are supposed to wear to a dog-napping right? My husband and I drove to the property after the owners had left for work. We swiftly began loading puppies into my car as Sprocket diligently took count. 

While in the process of puppy theft another car drove into the drive. It was the Humane Society. We explained to the officer that we where not the offenders but where the ones that called.

"Well, these puppies will get adopted easily enough, but that momma dog will need to be put down. She is in bad shape," he told us.

Then we told him our plan. We had a vet waiting to see all the dogs including the momma dog. If he would let us take all the dogs we would assume responsibility.

He looked at us for a moment and then a grin broke out across his face, "I didn't see anything. When I came here today the dogs were on the property. Now, let's get these dogs loaded up so I can cite this guy and get you off to the vet!"

When we took Sprocket to the vet we learned she had a tick-borne disease and a gimpy leg. The vet didn't seem too hopeful and said, at best, she might have three more days left. The puppies however were thriving thanks to Sprocket's care.

My husband and I took the whole brood home and an amazing thing happened. We loved on Sprocket and fed her and gave her shelter. She fought a gallant fight and won. She became the picture of health - gimpy leg and all! We found homes for all of her puppies but found we could not let Sprocket go. She was a part of our tribe. 

When we took Sprocket it we had three other dogs and Sprocket fit right into the mix...

Sprocket is now the last member of the original pack. We lost our three other sweet pups to age and illness. And, I know when we lose Sprocket my heart will break for the whole pack.

Sprocket is aging but her spirit is so bright. She toddles out the door each morning barking with purpose. She can't see very well, but her barks mean business...though she may not know what business!

She still loves to go for walks...though not as far. And, she still watches over our whole family...though usually from a reclining position.

Sprocket is the wonder dog. The dog who had a desire to live and the gumption to fight. I know her years since the great dog-napping have been joy-filled. I just pray that she can exit this Earth easier than she arrived. She holds my heart in hers and she has blessed my life tremendously. Dogs are treasures and Sprocket is a truly a shining gem!

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