Monday, June 24, 2013

At the threshold of 40

Next week I will turn 40. How did 40 years go by so quickly? I remember time seemed motionless before children and now they are growing so quickly that I can't help but realize that I am aging with them. I don't feel incredibly old but I don't feel like a spring chicken either. I have laugh lines around my eyes and scars marking past adventures on my body. I have to dye my hair to tame the gray hair or is it white? And, while I am still active, I find I am much more conscious of falling. Falling hurts more these days so I place my steps carefully.

I have been truly blessed by my life thus far but knocking on 40's door has me wondering what is next. I still have big dreams and endless aspirations. I must be closer to reaching them! 

I can't even fathom what the next 40 years will bring because the first 40 has been beyond anything I could have planned. There have been valleys of despair and peeks of elation. Sometimes the peeks and valleys have come without warning and sometimes I could see them a long ways off. But, even those I could see often brought some twist or turn I was not expecting.

So, I guess I am sort of excited to turn 40. I get to fill in new bubbles on surveys and enter new categories in races. And, I will be in the same decade as my hubs for a few years before he races off to 50. 

I guess it is time to quit lamenting and tackle the goal of being fabulous at 40! Maybe I should start stocking up on goal lamé...I think that might come with 50.

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