Monday, June 3, 2013

Time to be Awesome

What are your aspirations? Those bits of awesomeness that God has placed on your heart? Those desires that often seem unattainable?

I aspire to be many things and achieve many things. As I near forty (gasp!) I find I am more compelled than ever before to leave my mark on this world. I have some pretty big dreams, and I have realized that each one is totally attainable.

I have pared down my list of desires considerably. I have accepted that dolphin training is not in my future - though swimming with the dolphins could be. And, I am pretty certain I will never compete in an Iron Man competition. I am OK with that. My half marathons suit me just fine. Likely, I won't be voted one of People Magazine's most beautiful celebrities. First, I would have to achieve some ridiculous amount of fame and then figure out how to de-age myself by at least 10 years. I am feeling quite confident that this will not happen.

The thing is that God has placed desires and dreams on my heart that I have let sit. I have let them grow stagnant. I revisit them ever so often to make sure those seeds are still there but I have not tended to them. Only recently have I began to water those seeds of hope feverishly. I have realized that if God places something on my heart, He has also placed the ability to achieve it within me.

My timing has never quite been in sync with God's. My wild notions and ideas have not always been in accordance with God's will for my life. I am learning. I am in a season of deep trust and growth. I feel myself changing and I feel my faith deepening and strengthening. I am getting ready.

Have you ever felt you were on the cusp of something big? That feeling of anticipation. Knowing you must wait but believing something awesome is about to happen? That is where I am. I have started to actively pursue my bits of awesomeness. I have seen doors start to open and my direction start to focus. I am frothing at the bit to run as fast as I can through every door imaginable but I am maintaining the course. I am holding onto my faith and trusting that God will straighten the crooked path before me. It is then that my timing and His will be in sync and the blessings will rain down in torrents. 

I know everyone has seeds of awesomeness on their hearts. It is time to start watering them. Tend to them. Clear the weeds away from their precious roots. Allow yourself to dream...actively. Don't just daydream but dream with purpose. Dream with intention. Look in your heart and find your passions. They are there. You have not lost them. They might be covered with the dust of time...but they are there. Waiting. 

Now is your time...and mine. Let's go boldly forward in faith knowing that God has our backs. He wants us to achieve our ultimate is time for us to take steps...even baby steps...toward our goals.

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