Monday, August 19, 2013

Checking Account Drama

My checking account was compromised! Someone created fake checks using my account info and went shopping. They got free goods and I got a mess on my hands. I understand that times are tough but theft is just plain wrong. It is not acceptable. It is bad. It begets bad juju!

I have never been "robbed." This is my first go-around. Once someone attempted to steal my car. Sadly, it did not start for them either. That was a pain also but this is having a ripple effect. No checking account means I have to re-route my paychecks, my mortgage payment, my insurance payments, my expense checks. I have to pull funds from other accounts to cover the delinquency in the compromised account. I will get the money back but it all takes time. 

I have to wonder what possessed someone to take my check and use the information? Seriously? I wonder if they felt the slightest guilt as they shopped? I wonder if they give two cents about the mess I am forced to deal with because of their actions? I wonder if they lie awake at night in the coziness of sheets and pjs bought by others and feel a tinge of discomfort. I am thinking probably not.

The person that stole my info was so crafty they have probably done it before. Perhaps they feel entitled because times are hard and they needed the money. Perhaps they felt that I would just resolve the issue and move on easily. Whatever they felt I am certain they seriously misgauged my frustration. They clearly did not consider my time lost from work and the plain aggravation it takes to deal with this drama. 

Just think...there is someone out there chatting it up and have a Monday like the rest of us that stole my checking info. That is so beyond my realm of normal! A thief is among us - actually many, many thieves are out there. I could totally go the route of the paranoid curmudgeon but I will stick with annoyed grumpasaurus - it sounds a smidgen perkier!

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