Thursday, August 22, 2013

Some things I know...

Some things I know to be true. Houses will burn down, water wells will go dry, people will surprise us, people will disappoint us, families will feud, friends will come, and friends will go. Sometimes things are our fault. Sometimes things catch us completely unaware. Sometimes we shake our heads and crumple to our knees and wonder how we will make it through. But make it through is what we do. It is the grace we muster after the initial blow that determines our character. It is the ability to fight when we must and walk away when it is best that sets the standard for our future. 

No one is perfect and no on can truly claim to be. We all make mistakes but it is what we learn from them matters. Do we own up to them? Do we cover them up and hope no one will find out? Do we commit ourselves to never err in that way again? Do we take someone's blunder and use it for our own good not caring what grief we bring the other person?

Time heals but sometimes the wound is so deep it leaves a scar. Just like a broken plate can be glued back together, a relationship can be repaired but it will never be the same. Even though glued, a broken plate still shows the cracks and chips of the initial damage. It is no small feat to forgive and almost an impossible task to forgot. The cracks and chips are constant reminders of the hurt someone caused.

I know some other things to be true. The sun will rise and the sun will set. God is good and has a plan. What is important are the three people I share my home with who call me wife and mom. And I know that this too I shall overcome because it is what we do and I am just to stubborn to let someone foolish take me down. I was once described as a loyal friend and a fierce enemy. I sense that is true. That is probably why my parents nicknamed me "The Bulldog."

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