Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wanting to be in Your Space!

The greatest compliment I have ever received was in a recent Thank You card from a friend I greatly admire. She wrote, "I truly want to be in your space MORE!" That single line with those simple words has meant so much to me.

As we log the miles on our journey through life I think most of us try to be a blessing to others. We don't always achieve this but we continue to try. I personally hope that I am a bright spot in people's day. That I can provide them with laughter or a happy thought to make the part of their journey passing me a little easier. 

I am not immune to the trials of life. Anyone who knows me personally knows I have had a healthy share of snafus to deal with. I have my moments when my patience is thin and my mind is weary. Moments when I want to hide under the covers of my warm bed and escape the realities of the day that awaits me. But everyday, I set foot into the world waiting for me determined to make it the best day I can.

When my friend said she wanted to be in my space that meant the world to me. For all of the struggles and stumbles I have endured especially in the past couple of years, those words signify to me that I am coming out of the darkness and into my own. I am finding my place and have found my true friends. No matter what peril I have dealt with personally, I have tried to keep my outward reflection a positive one. It is not that I have deceived people but rather not burdened them with the weight of my personal worries. My husband and my God stand by my side in times of struggle and with their support I am able to set my troubles free and remain focused and positive. This has allowed me the blessing of discovering things I love in each and every day. Without the weight of worry we can be people whose space others want to occupy. 

I believe that God provides us with opportunities to step up and step out of our comfort zone. And, when we accept the challenge the rewards are beyond what we can imagine. My friend was thanking for helping with a task that God set before me. By grasping that opportunity I was able to grow and learn a great deal about myself. While my friend was thankful for my help I was thankful to her for choosing me to be of assistance. She said God placed my name on her heart. Wow! Truly, I want to be in God's space MORE!

It is sometimes the smallest things that mean the most to us. But don't be surprised if a seemingly small thing alters your entire perspective. Don't be afraid to widen your circle of experiences. If you do your journey will definitely be a lively one and you will find people wanting to join you in your space!

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