Saturday, July 26, 2008

Running with J-Dog

My brother and I have a standing running date on Saturday mornings. We have had times when we have cancelled on one another, but, for the most part, we can be found at Woodward Park trotting out some miles in the coolness of a Saturday morning. I love these runs!

My brother is two years older than me and we both have families of our own now. It is so nice that we have this time to hang out and catch up on life in general. We talk about raising toddlers; childhood memories; our pets; our parents; our jobs. We even venture into politics and religion. My brother has an open-mindedness that allows me to see all sides of an issue. And, he has a whit that can make me laugh until I have tears in my eyes.

Siblings are blessed with the opportunity for incredible relationships. Who knows you better than a sibling? Who went through your childhood right along with you? My brother and I have laughed so hard our stomachs hurt while reminiscing about life in our household growing up. We were fortunate to have great childhoods and, now we even laugh about the times we got in trouble. Seriously. We remember Dad's lecture verbatim about how we should not fight over Cheerios which are nothing more than little oatmeal circles.

My brother once noted that he and I were as closely related as two people can be. We are the only two people created by our parents. I have always liked this thought and think of it when I look at my two children. They are inseparable by their very DNA. I wonder also, if my children will be as different and my brother and me. My brother is artistic and soulful. Me? Not so much. I cannot draw or play any musical instrument. I cannot carry a tune. I love to write though. And, I try to remember to stop and smell the roses but I am a bit antsy. But, regardless of our differences, my brother and I are friends.

I have to admit that I am happy he doesn't refer to me as "The Troll" these days. And, I am not sad that "Jennifart" is a label I have lost. I am just so thankful to have a brother that I truly enjoy hanging out with. So, with that, we run. We logged four miles today and there is no one that I would rather pound the pavement with.

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