Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sir Lukas

My nephew is 3 years old, going on 40! He is insanely adorable. He has big blue eyes and golden yellow hair. He is an absolute riot! His vocabulary reaches further than his comprehension of words so, in addition to very profound statements, he says the funniest things.

A couple months ago I was running errands with my mom and we had Lukas with us. Writing this now, I wonder were my kids were? Anyhow, I was strapping Lukas into my son's car seat. Luke reaches down to were the seat straps comes out and comes up with a fistful of old cereal, goldfish crackers, you name it. Before I can stop him, the whole fistful goes into his mouth. He chews with glee and then swallows the mess and says, "Wow! Mitchell sure has some tasty treats in here!"

Lukas calls me Aunt Jenny which I adore. I have a Great Aunt Ginny and I am honored to be the second...even though the spelling is off a bit. I love when Luke wants my attention and says, "Aunt Jenny? Can you come down here so I can tell you something?"

He is a little mister and I love him to pieces! He and Mitchell are best buddies and Lukas says that Ellie is, "Alright." I can't ask for more than that!

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Anonymous said...

He's always saying, "I want to tell you something." And when I get close he says, "Bat cat." That's Batman's cat.