Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Open House

We attended Open House last night for my kids' school. One of the projects my son completed was a poem using the letters of his name. Our daughter was the first to spot his poem on the wall. I knew something was wrong when the steam started to eek from her ears. 

"Look at what Mitchell wrote for 'E'," she seethed.

I squinted my eyes and read out loud, "Ellie is my sis and she likes to hiss!" I did a snort before composing myself.

"It isn't funny, Mom!" Ellie....hissed.

"Well, it kind of is," I told her.

She gave me the stink-eye and replied, "I better get Mrs. B when I am in fourth grade so I can write about him! Hmph!"


Aside from Ellie's ire over the poem we did have a lot of fun checking out what the kids have been working on this year. They have been busy! 

In merely second grade, Ellie completed a lengthy report on sharks filled with interesting facts about these "killing machines." Her favorite was the Hammerhead which she sculpted with the help of Dad out of foam and paper mache. In fact, all of the parents...I mean, kids... projects turned out great!

I was blown away by the level of the work the students completed this year. When I was in second grade I think we were still reading about Seeing Spot Run. Ellie had written haiku's and learned about butterflies and their proboscis'. Amazing!

Mitchell completed an amazing level of work also in addition to his clever poem. He did a touch and feel report on the Miwok Indians that rivaled any high school report I ever completed. He had written amazingly descriptive imagery paragraphs and put together a very detailed diorama. I also learned that in 20 years he will be living at the beach while making a living being a pro-skateboarder. You know...I hope he makes it happen. There is no rule that says he has to be a white collar worker. I truly want both of my kids to find their passion and work at that. Now, If I could just get him to smile in photos instead of giving me that "I wish I was anywhere but here look" we would be set!


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