Friday, May 9, 2014

The Mother of All Hoods

Motherhood. The mother of all hoods. Truly.

Motherhood outweighs adulthood which doesn't even compare to childhood. Motherhood encompasses both of those hoods. You get to be an adult but you also remember what it is like to be a kid. You get to act silly and eat fun cereal all while having the ability to drive and set the rules. But, adulthood also comes with major responsibility which is why I think childhood edges it out. My children never worry that the fridge will be empty or the toilet paper supply will be low. They just eat and go and know that mom has them covered. 

There is parenthood and fatherhood. Those are great, but still, motherhood wins. Mothers have magic kisses that make wounds feel better and magic hugs that make everything seem right. We know how to dry tears and calm nerves. We can test a child on spelling words while making dinner. We balance an amazing number of responsibilities but know that our greatest accomplishment is our children. Parents and fathers are amazing...but there is just something extra special about moms.

Servanthood is a hood that bites! And, falsehoods should be avoided. Brotherhoods are fine but somewhat ominous sounding. Sisterhoods remind me of sororities. I never had a good impression of sororities. Truth be told, I am sure the sorority girls I met where not shining examples of the sisterhood. But, all the same, they never left me wanting to join their ranks.

Now, knighthood is pretty cool. To be declared a knight would be a pretty slick feat. There is a lot of status that comes with knighthood. But, as a woman, I think knighthood would just not be my thing. I am not the sturdiest or most graceful gal. If I did mange to walk upright in a suit of armor, it would not be for long. Knights are dashing and bold, not cute and clumsy. And, I think the magic kisses still give motherhood priority over knighthood.

Puppyhood is delightful, but just a phase. Motherhood is a lifetime achievement. Sainthood is awesome, but comes with controversy. I guess motherhood can come with controversy as well, but it seems the sight of the newborn baby makes a lot of difficult stuff melt away.

Livelihood is an important hood - probably neck and neck with motherhood. As the ability to survive and provide a life for a family, livelihood is important. But, if push came to shove, I could set up a sweet shack for my tribe. No, it would not be awesome. As moms, we want to provide the best for our children. I don't work full-time so I can buy myself new clothes and fancy frills. I work so I can buy clothes that fit my growing children and enough food to fill their seemingly bottomless stomachs. I work for the betterment of my family. And, I work so I can buy Lucky Charms.

There is also the hood... the flat out "hood." In my neck of the woods the hood is bad and scary. It comes with images of gangs and drive-by shootings. The hood is where you don't want to be when darkness falls. Bob and weave is the way to play it in the hood. And the hood definitely is no match for motherhood.

Motherhood. The hood that represents many woman and what we do. We try our best and get it done. We roll out of bed each day ready (or bracing!) for another adventure. We wear hundreds of different hats for our hundreds of different roles. At the end of the day there is no paycheck, no benefits package, and no paid time off. There is however work yet to be done. Laundry to wash, laundry to fold, laundry to put away. We don't get paid with cash but we do get rewarded with grimy faces and shining eyes. We get the gentlest hugs and the briefest of kisses on the cheek. We get details of the day from an innocent perspective. And, we get wiggly bodies to tuck into bed. We get more joy than one could possibly expect from even the faintest smile of a child. Motherhood. Probably the toughest hood around but definitely the best!

Happy Mother's Day!

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