Thursday, January 15, 2009


While sitting in my favorite coffee house in Modesto I witnessed something that was truly bittersweet. I was plugging away on my laptop and watching the clock so I would not be late in meeting an author who had come to do a presentation at the local junior college. I admit that I am a people-watcher. I truly find the behavior of people fascinating. So, it was not usual for me to look up when the door open and a trio of people moved in.

The group consisted of a daughter, who look to be in her fifties, and her aging parents. Her father was in a wheelchair...quite a hip one! The family got situated at a table near me and then the mother took their orders. When the mother left the table the father leaned into his daughter and said, "Is that lady married? I'd like to meet her!" The daughter replied that the lady was indeed him! The man just beamed and locked eyes on his bride as if he could not believe such a fox had married him.

What a tender moment! So sad that the man momentarily forgot is wife...but so dear that he still desired her. This must be a love that survives the ages whatever they bring.

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