Sunday, January 4, 2009

Leaving Home

Tomorrow I fly to Miami. This is the hardest part of my job. It is so difficult to be away from my children longer than my standard three-night work trips. As I do before every week-long trip, I breathe in as much of my children as possible. Yesterday we kicked a soccer ball around the yard; my son and I put together 3D dinosaur puzzles; we piled on the couch and watched Kung-Fu Panda; my hubs and I scrubbed them clean in the bath and then dressed them in their warmest pj's; we all made playdough balls that we lobed around the living room; then we snuggled in for bedtime stories.

Tomorrow I will creep around before dawn getting ready for my cross-country flight. I will kiss my dear children on their foreheads as they sleep and my sweet hubs will walk me to the car and help me get on my way. That first step out the door in the wee morning hours is always the hardest. The first couple days of my trip I will be sad but then the excitement will mount as I get closer to catching my flight back home. When I walk through the front door the kids will scream and I will be shocked at how much they have changed in a week. They will be delighted with whatever trinkets I will for certain bring home to them. They will be happy to have Mommy home and they will never know how my heart breaks when I leave them. And, I will feel complete once again with my family close to me.

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