Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A yammering post 'bout nothing

I can't believe I haven't had a moment since Christmas to blog about the day! Our little Ellie was very sick and not much up for Christmas presents, but Mitchell was wild about the gifts. It was a delight to see sheer joy radiate from him. We had wrapping strewn everywhere as Mitchell plowed through the presents shrieking in delight at each new item.

We had the pleasure of hosting Christmas dinner at our home this year. My grandma and great aunt even joined us. It was quite a feast...I am surprised the table withstood the weight of the fix'ns! It was scrumptious! It was the relaxing day I had hoped for.

Mitchell and my nephew played until they were delirious with exhaustion. We adults enjoyed a few rounds of a new game called Buzzword and then our favorite game of all...Balderdash! The more tired we got the more clever the answers we wrote!

Now I am sitting pondering 2008. What a year! As we leave it behind I find myself down with a wicked cold and holding a heating bill for over $500. Apparently we were almost Smokey Acres revisited. Our heater's circuit board (I don't know what it is but it turns out it is very expensive!) has been "arcing" and at some point caught fire and fried itself. All I knew was I punching the buttons on the thermostat to no avail. We went just one night without heat and it only got to 51 degrees inside. Thank goodness the fog set it and kept a bit of warmth close to the ground. We bundled up in sweatpants and blankets and snuggled in deep.

But heat or no heat, I am thankful to have a house we call a home. I am thankful for my dear hubs and our amazing children. We make it through ups and downs together. Though, I do admit that I am hopeful for a few more ups in 2009! Whatever comes our way we will attempt to take it in stride and have some fun and develop more character along the way!

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