Sunday, December 7, 2008

OK Santa! We're Ready! Almost... we still have cookies to bake and packages to wrap...but the tree is up and decorated! And, the yard is very merry indeed!
Two ornaments met their demise at the hands of Miss Ellie. She wanted to see if a glass ball would bounce and if an angel would fly. Todd and I wanted in on the action also and we broke an ornament apiece. Thankfully, our two were not fatally destroyed. They are propped up on the kitchen counter while the Elmer's glue takes hold. Mitchell was too busy supervising the whole process to break anything.
The kids are getting very excited about the big night when Santa will come and fill their stockings; have some cookies; and leave some special presents under the tree. Actually, I should say that Mitchell is excited. Ellie seems a little freaked out about a jolly ol' fat man walking through the house at night. We will be working on that!

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Anonymous said...

Luv my Holiday card ... so did Pegs!
muwah, 'Lizzie.