Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Bringing Back Santa

When my brother and I were young, Santa would come visit us before bedtime on Christmas Eve (or the eve of Christmas Eve). We wanted to have this same tradition for our children. So we called up Santa and he made a surprise visit that left my son and nephew speechless!

Santa was his jolly ol' self! It was wonderful and amazing to see him after all these years. And, like magic, his pack had the exact presents the boys asked him for as they sat on his lap...well, okay, he had the fifth thing my nephew asked for!

Unfortunately, Miss Ellie was under-the-weather. She didn't want to sit on Santa's lap...she was clinging to me like a monkey. When Santa asked her if she wanted a "horsey" she shocked her head "no" and turned away. Then Santa said, "I bet instead of a horsey you want a pony!" Magic words! She spun head around and gave a nod that said, "Well, I wouldn't turn one down if you have it in your bag there." How does Santa know these things!?!? Ellie hung onto that new pony even as she rested after Santa left.

Santa reminded the kids to be good and to mind their parents...Santa is good! And, if they behave today, he will be sure to visit our homes tonight after they are sleeping and leave special gifts for them.

The kids were beyond impressed that, at his most busy time, Santa came to see them. And my brother and I had the joy of giving our children something that was so special to us growing up. We witnessed everything from the eyes of parents and know why our own parents made sure Santa came to see us every year.

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Anonymous said...

It was sweet beyond words! So glad I was there to see the jolly ol' guy.