Saturday, February 14, 2009

Did Someone Say Snow?

My dear hubs and I are not big fans of Valentine's Day. So, with the thought of a free Saturday not committed to a romantic meal or outing we decided to again head for the hills in seek of snow. Boy, did we find snow! The recent storms blanketed the mountains with many feet of the fluffy stuff.

My mom took Miss Ellie to a Red Hat adventure and shopping for new clothes. Ellie was relieved to not be a part of the snow outing having proclaimed that "Ellie no likes the snow!" By the same token, Mitchell was beside himself that the snow was our destination. He dressed at break-neck speed and was hopping up and down in anticipation as we tried to get out the door with all of our gear.

Grandpa joined us for our adventure (again bringing the tastiest KFC imaginable) and Auntie Shib joined us too (bringing a loaf of Friendship Bread or Friendly Cake that was scrumptious). Food in the mountains just tastes better!

The temperature gauge read 25 degrees as we hopped out of the truck. We went to the same place as last time, but it looked completely different with four feet of snow covering the mountain. Grandpa made quick work with his shovel and dug out a trail to the nearest hill so the sledding could begin.
I wasted no time in making a full-on face plant that left me wallowing on the hillside as I tried to right myself. My dear Sistah Shib offered me a hand but retracted when the dear, sweet hubs hollered to let him take a picture first. Gotta love family!

Mitchell had the most fun. He was not at all bothered by the chill in the air. He set off making his own trails and adventures...

Mitch did break for a photo op with Daddy and Auntie Shib...

We had a day of laughter and joy! There is no better way to spend time that with the people you love the most. Hopefully, Miss Ellie will enjoy the snow someday, but, if not, she is in good company with her Mimi who she loves to spend time with.

We left the hill marked with tracks in the snow and deep furrows marked our wild sledding crashes. But, we also left a happy fellow to cheer those who passed by...

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