Monday, February 2, 2009

Football is no match for family fun!

Not being big fans of professional sports, we spent yesterday tending to some chores and having some fun around Smokey Acres. With two acres there is never a shortage of things to do!

Mitchell and I I pulled a few weeds that have gone crazy with the unusual January sunshine. Then I climbed up the ladder and cleaned out the rain gutters. Fascinating! I have never cleaned rain gutters before and never would have thought too had I not noticed that we had little crops sprouting up in them. Next, under Mitchell's strict supervision, I used our hula hoe (The Weeder With a Wiggle!) to knock down hornet nests that we had sprayed in the summer. Mitchell and I oooh'd and aaah'd over them amazed at the hornets' handiwork.

After that, the whole family took a break for a bike ride. Miss Ellie rode her tricycle and I delighted in seeing her pedal her little heart out so proud to be going solo. The hubs and I traded off riding ahead with Mitchell and then going a bit slower with Ellie. When the bikes and trike were tucked away we spent our last drops of energy kicking the soccer ball around the front yard. Ellie ran after the ball deliriously stumbling along. She was so tired she couldn't even kick the ball. She would line it up and run toward it full tilt. Then she would swing her leg and completely miss the ball resulting in her losing her balance and tumbling over. After a few such attempts I declared soccer was over and we headed inside and ordered pizza.

So we missed the SuperBowl and I honestly don't know yet who won. It gets worse... I am not even sure who was playing. I know it was the Steelers and then either the Chargers or the Cardinals? One of those may even be a baseball team! I am not up on my sports but I am up on life at Smokey Acres.

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Lisa said...

Another fine post by you, Jen! ... I love checking here every day to see what's happenin' around the Acres!

; ) Love ya! ... Lisa