Friday, February 13, 2009

Shhh! It's a surprise Mommy!

Yesterday evening, Mitchell and Ellie diligently worked on their Valentines for their classmates. They signed their names...Ellie actually drew a squiggle...and then we attached little chocolate bars to each one with double-sided tape. Both kids got that part down and were slapping on chocolate bars faster that I could put the tape on the cards!

After their Valentine's were tucked away Mitchell came up as asked if tomorrow was Valentine's Day. I said no, that Saturday was but his class was celebrating early so all the kids could share their treats.

Then Mitchell looked very serious and said, "We made you a surprise in class this week Mommy."

"You did! I love Mitchell surprises!"

Then he said, "I can't tell you what it is but it is a brownie shaped like a heart!"

I processed his words and thought how best to answer. "So, you have a surprise that you made in class but can't tell me?"

"Yes! It is a brownie heart but it is going to be a big surprise for you!"

I smiled and reminded myself to practice my look of surprise for tomorrow! Mitchell is so my son!

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