Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fountain of Youth

Last night, we enjoyed dinner with my super amazing sis-in-law, Shib and my niece, Annie. We met at Red Robin after work since it is a favorite of the kids...and because Shib had coupons for free kids meals! Rock'n!!

After a yummy dinner, we went outside to "The Fountain". If the kids behave through dinner we tell them they can throw coins (no quarters though!!) into "The Fountain". Shib snapped the great pictures below that show the kids having a blast and burning off their dinner!

Good thing we didn't name Ellie "Grace". Doesn't quite seem to fit a little girl flashing her pull-up!
I think Mitchell is wondering if he can get his coins back for a few more throws! He has quite an arm on him! And, he is a lefty!

I love pictures taken from behind! It lets us see what they see. They see wonder in things we take for granted.

Running like the wind without a care in the world!

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