Friday, September 12, 2008

The Royal Throne

I believe that enjoying a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot is a sign of aging. As a child, I dreaded the weekend trips to look at knobs, lumber, and latches. Now, I get giddy with excitement! I think a sign of being even older is when a trip is warranted to buy new toilet seats and that same rush of excitement is felt.

Have you ever noticed the many toilet seat options? Did you know that they have seats that are ergonomically correct for your derriere? They have wood seats, clear seats, seats that are squishy, and seats that look like they are filled with water with fish in them. The have cheap seats and they have expensive seats. And, some manufacturers make seats that are antimicrobial. Yes, and these antimicrobial seats can even go in your dishwasher. Am I missing something? Do people really wash their booty seats in the dishwasher? This makes my stomach lurch. And, if such seats have been created to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew...why would they even require such a cleansing? It disturbs me. I am a Pine-Sol and Clorox girl! The dishwasher is strictly for dishes in this household! But I digress...

My hubs was very amused at my concern that we purchase a good quality seat. And, the kids amused us both by sticking their heads through the seats hanging from the lower shelf. We knew the seats had never been used, but there is still a gross factor here. We went through a number of handi-wipes back in the car as a prelude to the baths when we got home.

I am happy to say that after laboriously looking at every type of seat on display I found a nice Kohler design to rest our buns on. We hope you will like it too should you ever visit our humble abode! It isn't antimicrobial. And it doesn't have plastic fish in it. But, it is a nice place to have a sit down and do your business.

I think it says something about my week when the topic of choice is toilet seats!


zenmom said...

You are so funny. And I am such a dork for totally "getting" what you are talking about. It's the Bob Villa Principle. Also known as the HGTV Syndrome. I totally geek out over trips to the Home Depot (I always want to buy EVERYthing!)and I'm all excited about the Lowe's they are building here in town. I actually have waaay too much fun with most "home improvement" projects (insert Tim Allen-like grunting here.) Of course, when it comes to the big projects, I just like to plan them and shop for the supplies. Then I let Hubby do the heavy lifting. :)

May your bums always rest peacefully on your new throne. :)

simplyme said...

I love that you so get me! Ü