Monday, September 22, 2008

One race down, three 1/2 marathons to go!

Sunday, the 21st found my whole tribe on the running course! Only Mitchell and I had intended to run, but an ambitious little Ellie made sure she and Daddy ran too!

Thanks to my running buddy, Julie, I had a great race! She has an amazing ability to stay on pace mile after mile. When running solo I am a bit erratic. I run fast, then slow, then fast, then slow, then slower... But with Julie setting the stride, I finished the Cross City 10K in 58:43. I averaged 9 minutes and 29 seconds per mile! I love it! Julie finished a few steps ahead of me with a 9:25 average mile. What a great run for both of us!

The next event was Mitchell's 1/4 mile kids race! What a proud mama I was when he said he wanted to run like Mommy! As I walked to the start line with Mitchell, Ellie became adamant that she would be running the race too. So, with two running toddlers, my dear hubby had to dust off his sneakers and shake the cobwebs out of his knees.

Mitchell decided he would run with Daddy so I ran...carried...and then ran some more with Ellie! Mitchell had a great race! He ran his 1/4 mile in 2 minutes and 47 seconds! He had little legs of fury! Miss Ellie was an unofficial entrant so her time was not recorded, but I will say, we ran crossed the finish line dead last. For a two year old in a 3-4 year old race, I am just delighted that she finished on her own two feet...even if I did carry her for a couple steps mid-race!

Look at Mitchell's happy little face as he crossed the finish line with Daddy right behind him!
Miss Ellie looks a bit bewildered but she was mighty happy when she ran across the finish line amid a crowd of people cheering for the last, and littlest, runner!

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zenmom said...

Oh, I m so proud of you ALL! :D