Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Cowboy, A Superhero, and a Fairy

The kids were supercharged and ready for trick-or-treating this year! We met up with my brother and his crew at my parents house so all three kiddos could trick-or-treat together. They were all so cute and kept us in stitches all evening! Mitchell was a cowboy; Lukas was Captain America; Little Ellie was a fairy.

We trick-or-treated just a few houses, but the kids' pails were plenty full. We had a group of adults following the kids around. Brenda dressed up and joined the fun as an adorable witch. I love her stockings!

We spent the remainder of the evening sitting around my parents kitchen table while the kids burned off their sugar highs. Something about sitting around that table that brings out the laughter. It wasn't long before stories were being told and memories were being rehashed and we all doubled over with laughter. That kitchen table is the gathering place and could tell many stories about my funny family!

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zenmom said...

They are all SO cute! I can barely believe how big they are. Where does the time go?! :)