Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tractor Kids and Christmas Shopping

My husband is a dear and patient man. He loves me and therefore accepts my quirkiness without question. Today, he gamely joined me Christmas shopping. That's right...I said Christmas shopping.

I absolutely love Christmas. I love giving gifts. I love baking cookies. I love decorating the the tree, the house, the yard. I love talking to our children about the birth of Jesus. I love the whole package, with one exception...I do not like to shop with crowds. Oh, I like to shop...just not with hoards of people clamouring about and breathing down my neck. So, about this time every year, I get the itch and off we go!

My wonderful parents took care of the kids for us today so we could freely shop for Transformers and anything Disney. Before the birthday party where I hear Mitchell made the first hole in the pinata, Grandpoppa took Mitch and Ellie to his work where they had a bunch of fun on the tractors.

I admit that I chose not to include the picture of darling Miss Ellie digging in her nose for gold!
Now, I remember how much I loved to visit my Dad's work as a child. I remember climbing up on those great tractors and sitting there pretending I was plowing a huge field. I remember the bouncy tractor seats and the feel of the enormous wheels. I even remember the smell of the parts department inside the building. Because I know this, I know what a wonderful time our children had today. I love that they are rough-and-tumble rugrats! I know that they were proud to be visiting Grandpoppa's work place. It was a special treat for them. And, I really hope Ellie didn't leave any boog's on a steering wheel.

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