Monday, November 10, 2008

Skinny Jeans

In dressing our two-year old, my hubs managed to unearth the last remaining article of clothing sized at 18-months. I walked in as he was wrestling Ellie into the ultimate in skinny jeans.

"I think those are 18-months," I commented.

"Let's see how they look," he replied.

With one great tug the jeans were on and Ellie was upright. She started to laugh and lost her balance. Unable to bend her legs, she fell over like a board. We all started laughing at that point. Daddy asked if she could stand up. She gave her legs as stiff swing and then firmly declared "No!" then she burst into a fury of giggles.

As I was walking away I heard Daddy tell Ellie, "We need to put these in the giveaway bin so I don't find them again!"

I just love that man!

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