Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Facebook. It is not anonymous people!

Facebook. The only place you can read about an acquaintance's bout of colon-busting diarrhea and view 200 pictures of your friend's "little getaway" to Italy that cost more than your child's future college education.

I am flabbergasted by what I read on Facebook. I wonder what possesses people to write about impacted and inflamed pimples and post pictures of their ingrown toenails. Seriously. Who does that? 

My Facebook posts are quite benign. I mostly post about the sheer awesomeness of my children and share a Grumpy Cat snark from time to time. I don't find it necessary to relate toilet matters and irritations of bodily orifices. I don't call people out to tussle and I avoid passive aggressive posts because those simply grate on my last, badly frayed nerve.

Some Facebook users believe a wall flies up the minute that they start typing.Though they brand their page with everything but their social security number they have this sense of anonymity. Everyone and everyone's friends are going to see that post about issues with their derriere. When they meet that frantic Facebook status updater at a party they will wonder, "Is this that anal drainage person? Better watch where they sit!"

I love reading posts about soldiers returning home to happy dogs and babies being born to happy parents. I enjoy hearing about the adventure of simply living and the funny things that occur in a day. I laugh out loud at many posts and some make my heart weep. I like seeing vacation pictures of well-rested faces on a tropical beach. I can cope with all of that. It is the ghastly tales of the stomach flu and the in-depth descriptions of the aftermath of the bite of a Brown Recluse that make me close my eyes in horror. If I wanted to know more on either topic I would google it myself.

There are the gross Facebookers and the boastful Facebookers. While I find immense joy in people achieving their goals and realizing their dreams I do find the falsely happy posts over-the-top. The posts that wax on about the positive wonderfulness of my amazing life with my amazing spouse and our amazing dog and our amazing children, Buffy and Buttons, and our amazingly amazing bank account that allows us to wrap all our Christmas gifts in $100 dollar bills. I don't see these posts often because my peeps don't rub elbows with Bill Gates, but I come across one every once in a Blue Moon. Mostly, these posts make me sad. I think if a person must go on about their amazingly perfect world then it probably isn't very amazing at all.

When I post anything on Facebook I think, "What would my Pastor think of this?" That is my reality check. Personally, I don't want the man that delivers God's word to me each week wondering if "I got that thing looked at yet." But, I am OK with sharing a funny tidbit about my day. 

Remember Facebook isn't anonymous. Watch what you post. And, go see a doctor about that thing!

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