Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Riffraff at the top

I have been working like crazy the past three days. I am definitely not a slacker but this week I have run myself ragged and it is barely Wednesday! I think the fact that I don't have a government job makes me more grateful for the job that I do have. I don't have to deal with ObamaCare and I don't have to be furloughed while Congress battles over the budget. 

The state of our country makes me sad. There is a serious bunch of riffraff running the country. Unfortunately, the apathy I see among voters continues to allow these people to run our government. If you don't vote - you can't very well complain. If you choose not to exercise your right you can't have a valid voice of discontent. 

I vote. What's more...I vote with my mind and my gut. I don't vote party lines. I vote for what I deem to be the lesser of evils or the best option. I educate myself so my singular vote will be mindful. I think educated voters are a dying breed. 

Look at our government...our government that is SHUT DOWN! Our government that DOES NOT work in the best interest of the people. Our government that is so full of drama it should have a reality TV show. Our government that is more concerned about a non-native fish than feeding the world. Our government that seemingly believes the America people don't deserve the same rights as our elected officials who are getting paid while the government is closed and who have ridiculously awesome health care while they pass ObamaCare off to the nation. Our government that agrees to raise the minimum wage so that everything else will rise in price proportionally. Seriously! I wish every America with a dream in their heart and optimism in their spirit every opportunity to succeed. Sadly, our government does not.

The Constitution states that American people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - spot on Thomas Jefferson! It is a RIGHT! We have the right to pursue our dreams. Yet, at ever turn the government is there bearing down on us. That makes it hard to be totally awesome. But, still I will try. I will cling tight to my rights and hold fast to my faith. Something will give and the madness will stop...right?

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