Friday, September 27, 2013

Little Fire Sticks

This morning my daughter walked up to me and said, "Matches are dangerous!"

"Matches?" I question. I was not sure if she meant matches as relates to fire or pairs of things.

"Yes, matches. Those little fire sticks." She replied and then she walked away.

I laughed to myself because she sounded like a caveman. No matter how far we get from prehistoric times we still grunt and puzzle over things. 

"Me Grog. Me make fire. Fire hot."

I love words and I am so intrigued by the way my kids describe things as their vocabularies develop. Their word choice makes me smile more often than not. They use the words they know to decipher the world around them. Sometimes it is a puzzle to figure out what they mean. Slowly we figure things out and incorporate new words and descriptions into our own "family language" - that language you speak with your family that only they understand.

My kids understand if I asked them to scrub their nibblets thoroughly. That translates to "Wash your toes. Your feet are dirty."

And, an "ache in my skull" equates to a headache.

Even the dogs are trained. They will run to the kitchen for a doggie treat if you ask them if they want a Kuby snack.

Sometimes words choices are just funnier than others like "little fire sticks."

Ah, kids. Gotta love them!

Now, me go work. Earn paycheck. Make living to buy more fire sticks.

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