Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Extra Special Toast

I crept quietly out of the house this morning as I do most days. I met my running buddy for an early 4 miles to start the day. When I got home I walked into a dark house that smelled of toast. A flashlight illuminated the kitchen table and I could see toast and Toaster Strudels neatly displayed on paper towels. Above each place setting was a note on lime green paper to each family member. It read, "Thank you for being the best family ever." 

As I processed this my 9 year old son popped out and whispered, "Surprise!" so he would not wake the rest of the family. He was already dressed for school right down to his sneakers.

"What time did you get up?" I asked

"I woke up at 5:05!" he declared proudly.

I gave him a huge hug and told him was a wonderful surprise this was. He told me how he used the microwave to soften the butter and the toaster to make the treats. 

"I am so impressed," I told him.

He wanted me to eat and enjoy his breakfast so I quickly started the coffee brewing. As I was fiddling with the coffee spot he told me him made cinnamon toast. 

"Yummy!" I said.

"Yeah, I had to climb on the counter to get the cinnamon in that big jar thing, " he said.

I had just walked over to partake in his surprise meal when I paused, "Big jar thing?"

"Yeah, with the red stuff right? That's the cinnamon."

I walked back to the kitchen and opened the cabinet with the spices. The first item that caught my eye was the large container of Pappy's Meat Seasoning. I started to laugh.

I held up the container and asked my son if that was what he used.

"Yes! That's the cinnamon!" he said.

"Sweetie, this is meat seasoning."

"Meat seasoning? Why does it look like cinnamon. No one will want that on their toast!"

I told him we probably ought to stick with the Toaster Strudels and throw out the toast. 

"Well, I should throw out Daddy's Toaster Strudel too then," he said in a very deflated voice.


"I wanted his to be extra special so I put cinnamon on that too."

I laughed again and then he saw the humor and laughed too. 

It was a most special breakfast made with the biggest heart west of the Mississippi. No, I did not taste the toast but the Toaster Strudel was tops! 

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