Friday, September 20, 2013

A Little Bit about God

I am one person sitting at a desk in a house on a street in a city in a state in a country on the Earth in an ever expanding universe. I am a tiny blip on the radar but God has my back. And, He has your back too. We have bad days and tough times, but by God's grace we muddle through. I am so thankful to have my faith when times are bleak and when times are bright. I love having a belief that resonates in my core and fuels my soul. 

Nothing is too big for God and nothing is unimportant. God wants us to lean on Him. God wants us to trust Him. He wants us to ask for His favor and expect it. He has an amazing plan for each person on this planet and He wants us to fulfill that plan. God wants us to rise above and rock this world. God is good like that. 

God wants to know all the sheep in His flock and wants all that are lost returned to Him. Whenever we are ready, God is there. Go ahead. Start talking. He is listening! If fact, God never sleeps. He is ready day or night. He is listening just as well at 3 a.m. as he is at 5 p.m. He is available every moment of every single day. He hears our cries and knows our pain. He heals and He comforts. Sometimes we must go through things to appreciate the blessings around us. It is not a perfect world. This is a world of tests, torments, and struggles. But it is also a place to form friendships and learn about love and joy. It is a world with immense amounts of happiness tucked away in the most unexpected places.

People disappoint us and shock us. But God doesn't. He never fails us. We may feel alone at times but we never truly stand solo at the battle lines. God has placed His protective armor on each of us. Really we just must believe. 

When I look at the beauty of Yosemite or the span of the blue ocean my faith roots ever deeper. God's hand is in nature and His fingerprints cover my children's faces. He is evident around us. We just have to look. God wants everyone to know Him. As my son once wrote, "I love my family. And, I love my friend. Do you know Him? His name is God. I hope you know Him. I love God a lot."

Sometimes kids get it. We can learn a lot about faith, hope, and love from their marvelous minds and enormous hearts. Cast your eyes upward and send up a prayer. God is seriously listening to your every word.

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