Friday, September 20, 2013

Thank All That is Good That Friday is Here!

My brain is tapped out from this crazy week. I got nothing. I have started a couple different thoughts and deleted them. Some days maybe it is best to NOT write. My great-grandma - Granny - used to say, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." She also said, "Pretty is as pretty does." Whatever I type today would likely portray me as a snarky ogre. I have no nice words and, alas, I am sweating AGAIN in this heat so I feel more like a pool of goo than pretty.

This week I have solved, strategized, sold, shopped, cooked, cleaned, organized, fueled, run, typed, responded, created, cared for children, cared for pets, cared for husband, balanced the accounts, brooded, rejoiced, watered the foliage, bandaged a wound on myself, bandaged a wound on my child, walked the dogs, met with people for work, met with friends, commiserated, scratched my head in confusion, been dismayed, been surprised, laughed, cried, and slept. 

Not in that order.

I guess it is no wonder why my tank is empty. I am thankful for a weekend to recharge. I need to de-frazzle and re-boot. I need to rest and refresh. That might be a lot to eek out of two days, but I can at least attempt to rest more than I run amok. I have never been good at resting but this weekend my just be the weekend when I become a pro!

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