Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Heat Wave

I am pretty much done with the oppressive heat that is slamming California's Central Valley. Our air seems thick enough to cut a slice off to breathe it. I am used to the dry heat that normally visits us. This muggy mess is unbearable. The air is so humid it feels heavy. It is challenging to move through it. It is exhausting.

I am not keen on sweating. But, if I earn the sweat, I can accept it. If I run or jump or play outside and I sweat that is something I can cope with. But it is not right to break out in a sweat from sitting. I sweat in my sleep. I sweat while I eat dinner. I sweat when I read a book. I sweat in the car. I sweat in the house. The air conditioner is churning away a $300+ electric bill and still we sweat. My kids sweat. My husband sweats. Even the cat is panting.Truly the only creature not impacted by this heat is the fish. 

The heat is sticky and icky and leaves my tribe stinky . My daughter put her foot in my face in a playful way and I nearly gagged. It smelled like vinegar. She laughed at my expression but I did a double take to make sure her foot wasn't rotting off. Feet in flip-flops should not smell that bad!

It has been a long while since I actually wished for winter to arrive. But, I am ready. Bring on the chill and take out the sweat! I am ready for rain, fog, and hail. I am ready for trips to the snow and being bundled up. I am ready for cozy and snug. I am ready for cocoa and soup. I want to see my breath when I speak outside. 

I am tried of my make-up melting off my face and still feeling parched after drinking 8 cups of water. I am tired of sweating - everywhere! I am tired of wrinkled linen tops. I am tired of be blown incessantly by ceiling fans and oscillating fans.

I am ready to be cold! Come on Jack Frost! Visit us early this year! Bring a drop in the temperatures. Give us a chill that will cause us to catch our breath and say, "Burrrr!" Give me a new thermostat setting. Bring on the weather that will make me grumble about our propane bill. 

Oh, I know when winter has set in I will likely find fault with it too. But, at this moment, being cold sounds so nice and so stink-free!

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