Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kids Have it Right

I love watching kids navigate the world. There is never a doubt where my 7 year old stands on an issue. If she doesn't like something, it is apparent. There are no guessing games with her. If her brother makes her mad, she will sweep her toys up in her arms and march out of the room. No discussion. I wish grown-ups could be so easily read.

Sometimes I wish I could stomp my feet and point my finger at my offender and say, "Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Or, I think how simple it would be if I could sweep my laptop in my arms and march out of a meeting if I am frustrated by the discussion. How nice it would be to break all social acceptances and say "You are mean!" to someone who truly fits the meaning of the word.

The beauty of kid disputes is they get all their emotions out and then they come back and say, "Do you want to go outside and play now?" There are no grudges or lingering drops of resentment. They move on. They let it go and redirect themselves to a mutual activity they both will enjoy.

I have listened to my children bicker one moment and fall into a fit of laughter the next. I would love to - just once - push a goon with an attitude one moment and then give them a head noogy the next.

As adults we have social norms we tend to follow. We tell white lies and some even tell grandiose tales with plots. We are kind to a person when we are face-to-face and then we totally dis them when they are out of earshot. Adults are mean. Mean adults are worse than mean children because mean adults are calculated. They play the games to get the results they want. They behave as though they are overflowing with compassion but are devious in their ulterior motive. I would love to say, "I know what you are trying to do. You are a meany, yucky, booger head!" But, I cannot do this because that behavior is not acceptable. I have to hold my tongue and steam and fume...that is proper. Isn't that odd?

We should be able to say, "Yes, that dress is totally not flattering and the Sloppy Joe's you made for dinner look like poo." How amazing it would be to live in a world of truthfulness and obvious intentions! That is mind-boggling in its simpleness. No spared feelings yet everyone would be happier and more mentally sound. That's a thought to rattle around in the brain a while. 

I think the next time someone cuts my off in traffic I will raise my fist and say, "You poopy head! You cut me off! No harm done! Have a nice day!"

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