Monday, April 28, 2014

Seperating Lives

My heart is wretched for a dear friend whose husband announced that while he loves her dearly, he is no longer in love with her. This is my second friend in the course of a year that has heard these words. It truly breaks my heart that my friend woke up expecting a typical Sunday morning and ended the day with a plan for divorce.

I am not a fan of divorce but I do recognize that sometimes it is the best solution. I think what shocks me most is that the two husbands that devastated their wives with this news clearly expect that something better or more exciting is theirs to be had. Seriously? Both of my friends are beyond amazing mothers. You know those moms that see something on Pinterest and re-create it in perfect detail? Those women are my friends! They are the room moms that pull together the most amazing class parties and then head home to make fabulous family meals...from scratch! And, they are stunningly beautiful - both of them. One is all legs with olive skin and black hair and the other is a petite blond with a smile that lights up rooms.

I told my husband that the news of them separating is like the news of he and I separating (which we are not - thankfully!). Both couples seemed so happy and solid. And, my friends thought things were good also. My most recently single friend said she had no idea. They just returned from an amazing family vacation the week before. They had a wonderful date night on Saturday. And, then came Sunday morning when her whole world crumbled.

Both of my friends have young children and telling them the news was by far the hardest part. My daughter is extremely close to these children so even her reaction was difficult. She is aching for her friends. My daughter is seven and comprehends the pain. I can't even imagine what the children are going through. My friend told me that her daughter screamed with her and her husband to put their wedding rings back on. She didn't want it to be true. She said that, "Mommy has enough love to make it work!" It absolutely hurts my very core.

I have no idea what to do for my friends other than be there through this process of separating lives. I cannot even begin to understand how difficult this must be. It has made me truly thankful for my husband who promised he is still in love with me after 13 years of craziness and chaos. It is my hope that both of my amazing friends find someone that will treasure them for the rest of their days. When the dust settles and the tears are dry I pray that someone will walk in their lives prepared to love them as they deserve to be loved.


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