Friday, April 4, 2014

Smells of Easters Past

I attended a conference today and all of the tables in the room were decorated with an Easter theme. I paused a moment to take it all in and I smelled it. I smelled a past memory of childhood. Have you ever had a scent propel you back to another place and time?

The room smelled of chocolate Easter Bunnies and plastic strands of green and purple "grass." The wicker from the baskets wafted up and mixed with the sweeter scents and I smelled Easter. I instantly found myself in a white dress with bright yellow daisies on the pockets. I had a bonnet atop my head and my skinny legs could not hold up my knee socks that were slipping down to my shiny white sandals. 

I was running with childhood delight finding Easter eggs that crazy bunny had hidden the night before. I am keeping an eye on my brother making sure he does not find a stash of eggs I have missed. I am laughing and the sun feels warm on my face. My parents are laughing and my grandpa is following us with a camera taking pictures he will turn into slides to show in the projector in days to come.

And, then, in an instant the memory fades and I am again at a conference with a job to do. The images of Easter stayed with me all day. And, those simple smells made my day bright.


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