Wednesday, April 30, 2014

July 15, day ever!

I was thinking about the day I first met my husband. It was a hot July morning in 2000. I had been invited by a co-worker to go jet skiing and, unlike the previous two times, I was actually going this time. I was only going because my coworker promised that if I didn't go, he would never invite me to anything ever again. I thought that was rather harsh but I didn't want to be scratched off the future party list so I hauled myself out of bed and drove 40 minutes to the home he shared with his wife.

Although I was going, I was running late. The location of my friend's home was in a new housing development where homes were still being built. I remember screeching around the corner - as much as my little Saturn could screech - and kicking up a massive about of dust that had settled in the road. I opened my door and enter the brown cloud of debris. I grumbled as I grabbed my bag of gear and slammed my car door shut. As I stepped away from my car I paused because the most handsome man caught my eye. 

My future husband was barefoot and bronzed. He was adjusting tie-downs on a trailer that was loaded with three jet skis. He looked up and smiled and I did a little "hello" wave. I pried my eyes off of Todd to see my friend, Steve, emerge from the garage. He said, "Hey, Jen! You made it this time! This is my friend Todd. We are going to ride in his truck." 

Steve's wife and I climbed into the backseat of Todd's Ford Bronco and thus began the beginning of the best years of my life. I had NO idea that Todd was single. In fact, I doubted that he was the more we talked. I assumed there was no way this catch was not on a baited hook. 

Anyone who has jet skied knows it is not an attractive sport. There is lake hair; water boogers; a face devoid of all make-up. So, imagine my sheer horror when, after hours out flopping around in the water, my friend's wife leans in and says, "So?"

"Sooooo?" I replied.

"So! What do you think of Todd?" she asked.

"I think he seems like a nice guy," I said.

"Don't tell me that Steve didn't tell you?" 

"Tell me what?" I asked.

"That this is a set-up! We are hooking you and Todd up!" She screeched with delight.

"What?" I questioned as sheer panic took over. I grabbed my beach towel and blew my nose. I re-adjusted my ball cap and smoothed out my swimsuit. I sat up straighter and brushed potato chips crumbs off my chair. This was a code red - date formation in progress!

Later, Todd and I laughed about my animated day of mastering the jet ski. I was so grateful that I didn't know it was a set-up. Without that background information I was able to enjoy the day and be myself. The minute I knew the day was created with a plan my nerves ignited and my words jumbled.

While I remember the day down to the most minute detail my husband remembers it in broader terms. He said he remembers me pulling up in a cloud of dust and seeing my legs pop out of my car door. At that moment, he says he was hooked. He knew it was a set-up and apparently he was excited I had legs. He also said he enjoyed watching me take on his favorite activity of those days. He loved watching me crash and thrash around on the jet skiis and get back on a do it again. The man that never intended to marry said that was the day something changed. 

It seems we both met our match that day. We busted out of the gate and have never looked back. Lake hair...water boogers...and I still found my guy. 

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