Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Breakfast of Champions

Today I started my day with Wheaties! That's right! Whole wheat goodness. I polished off the Lucky Charms yesterday so when I opened the pantry and saw the orange box staring me down this morning my happy little heart did a sad sigh. I love Lucky Charms. I bought Lucky Charms for myself the moment I started doing my own grocery shopping. I don't have them everyday but when I find them on sale, I stock up. 
The Wheaties were new to me. They were on sale and I had additional savings on my club card. I sort of had to buy them. Not buying them would be wasting a saving opportunity. To be honest, I hoped my kids would eat them before me. Once they spied their deep brown color though they politely asked for toast.

I have had cereal disappointments before. Take Grape Nuts for instance. Good old wheat and barley baked to the consistency of gravel. The small box means small servings because your teeth can only chew on so many walnut hulls. A Captain Crunch! How I love your tasty squares that positively shred my mouth. I value the roof of my mouth far more than your intriguing flavor. 

I was prepared for disappointment this morning. I run, but I am no athlete. I didn't know if I wanted "The Breakfast of Champions." I wanted rainbows and red balloons! Wheaties, as it turns out, doesn't have even one stray purple horseshoe. So, I poured my Wheaties in a bowl and added a few healthy pinches of sugar before covering it in milk. I dug my spoon in and took a mouthful of dirt brown wheat...and...could it be? Goodness? They were good! They were grown-up cereal good! They tasted yummy. My sad little heart brightened right up and I declared, "Oh yes! I am a champion! Today, I will channel my inner Mary-Lou!" OK, so not so much channeling of Olympic gymnasts but still, a really good day! Tomorrow I will greet that bright orange box with a smile!

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