Saturday, March 28, 2009

I forgot to blog about the St. Patty's Run!

Shame on me! I have been so busy with work that my blogging has been sporadic at best. I just realized, as I read the post of a dear friend, that I neglected to blog about our local St. Patty's Day Run. I blogged about the duathlon that I hauled myself through, but not the run a week prior.

Mitchell and Ellie geared up for the St. Patty's Day Run despite the cold circumstances that met us on the doorstep. I certainly have a penchant for running in the muck and gloom. Mitchell ran the 1/4 mile race with a huge grin plastered on his face. He really enjoys running. He pumps his little arms and his nimble, coltish legs flat-out fly. We later learned that he scored a medal for second place. Actually, he and another couple kids shared second place. I am not sure how that works out, but Mitchell was delighted nonetheless.
Miss Ellie...well, let's just say that Miss Ellie was traumatized by the sight of Ronald MacDonald. She takes after me in that she wants no part of that crazy clown. He absolutely freaked her out. When her race came up, the dear hubs was set to run the 1/8 mile stretch with her. I think he made about 10 steps with her attached to his leg before he scooped her back up to the safety of his arms. Now, I really don't know how the scoring went with her race, because Miss Ellie scored a first place medal. I think she was confused by that as well.
My running buddy and I ran a great 4 mile race thanks to her black German Shepard acting as our pace setter. We finished in 38 minutes and were rewarded with a bottle of water. There were no medals waiting for us. Not even for spirit! Drat!

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