Friday, March 6, 2009

Kindergarten so soon?

Zonkers! My oldest baby isn't a baby anymore! How did this happen? I am certain it was just yesterday that we were delighting in his baby gibberish and applauding his first steps. How could those years be gone? How is it that I found myself walking hand-in-hand with my little guy to the elementary school office? How is it that he was so confident while all I wanted to do was whisk him away because, surely he was too young for this? Nevertheless, there we were. Mitchell and Mommy going through the motions to register him for "big kid" school beginning in August.

It really does seem like time went by in a flash. Standing at this end, Mitchell's earlier years clearly went by too fast. I remember the day Mitchell was born as if it just happened. I remember every triumph from potty-training to drawing a dinosaur that actually looked like a dinosaur! I remember his very first smile and his very first bicycle ride.

Mitchell is so proud to be going to school. It is such a milestone for him. Hard as it is, and as much as it truly makes my heart ache, I have to realize that Mitchell the baby has grown into Mitchell the boy.

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ZenMom said...


I have to register my baby for kindergarten next month. I'm with you: when the heck did this happen?!?!?!