Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Two-Wheel Experience

Today I took on the motorcycle. After a wipe-out years ago left me attending my bridal shower on crutches, I haven't exactly been eager to hop on a hunk of metal and tootle down the road. But, today the circumstances were perfect. The kids were with the grandparents, the weather was beautiful, and the hubs was hopeful. So, after a brief refresher, we were off. Our destination...the DMV motorcycle course which I will need to pass in the next couple of months to obtain my license.

My bike is cute and girlie. I love it! The hubs did a custom paint job on it so it is very "Jen." It is much smaller than the one that allowed me to become so intimately acquainted with the gravel on our street. It is big enough to travel down the highway (once I get my license mind you) but not so big that I feel like I can't control it.

After a few jerky stops and starts around the neighborhood we headed for the main thoroughfare to get us into town. I noticed, as I traveled 40 in a 55 zone, that the hubs is remarkably at peace on his bike. He sat so relaxed. He was one with the bike. Me? Not so much. I was tense. My neck muscles ached as I sat ramrod straight and clutched the bike between my knees. My teeth were clenched and I dared not look anywhere but the road ahead to spy any obstacles that might jump out in front of me.

I made it over the railroad tracks and through the first stops signs and lights. And then, we were "in town." It was at this point I was hit with a full-blown headache. I prayed to God and gave thanks for making it through each traffic light and street change. I lurched my way through town to the DMV where I made a few passes at the motorcycle course. Let's just say that if I had taken the drive test today, I wouldn't have passed.

With an idea of what the test would be like, we headed back toward home. On the way back, something began to happen. I found myself staying with the speed limit. I found myself enjoying the breeze which I had previously labeled as gale force winds. I found my mind relaxing. I found myself truly enjoying the experience. I enjoyed myself so much, that it seemed we got back to the house incredibly fast.

The hubs parked his bike in the garage so he would be ready for a Sunday ride after church. As I got ready to take my bike back to his shop I asked if he wanted a lift. By the time we reached the shop I was overcome with belly laughs that the short jaunt provided. It has been a long time since I had such a fun outing with just my hubs and the ride to the shop summed up the was new, it was a bit unsteady, it was hilarious, and it is definitely something I want to do again...soon!

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ZenMom said...

Yay you! :) Now, when do we get to see a picture of your pretty girly bike?! Preferably with you on it! :)