Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Call me crazy...

...but I love to run! I know, I is not natural. Most people I know run for the benefit and not for the joy. I run for both! I began running in 1999 when I decided to give up skydiving for a land sport. I signed up to run a marathon for The Leukemia Society and so it began! Now my runs are much shorter and I run to complete the race not win it by any stretch.

These past couple of weeks I have been running four days a week and I am so happy to be putting the miles on my Brooks. Between my brother and a new running buddy, I am back to running on a regular basis and am starting to reap the benefits that running gives me. It helps me sleep better at night because it alleviates much of my stress; it gives me a clear mind to focus on the challenges of the day; it provides me with endorphins which help me to feel better about myself; and, goodness, it lets me eat like an absolute cow! I do love food!

My son has a pair of sneakers that he calls his running shoes. He helped me cross the finish line in a half marathon I completed in November. He stood at Mile 13 with my hubby and daughter and grabbed my hand to run the last tenth of a mile with me. (He must have know I felt like I was going to keel over. That is the last race I will ever run without properly training!) Mitchell is looking forward to the Susan Komen event held in Fresno every year. They have a kids run and he can't wait to put on his running shoes and race the other kids. The kids' route is extremely short and they win little gold medals on pink ribbons at the end. So, at four years old, Mitchell is already collecting race day t-shirts and developing a joy for the fury of fast feet.

I know! Many of you are shaking your heads thinking there is no good reason to run unless you are being chased! I felt this way too after my son was born and I attempted to get back into my groove. It just didn't happen. It would take me 20 minutes to run/walk a mile. At the end I was so exasperated and exhausted I never wanted to run again. I hung up my kicks, seemingly for good, but after my daughter was born I began to feel the pull again. I started slowly...running around the block...running to the end of the street... And, before I knew it I was logging miles again and loving it.

My poor husband hates to run so he was thrilled when he heard my brother was also taking up the sport. It saved my husband's knees and his sanity. I love to run in the coolness of the morning and my husband is less a morning person than he is a runner. We have our bikes that we enjoy together, but running is my passion alone.

I am looking excitedly ahead to the runs I have in the next few months. I also look forward to my training which brings me so many benefits. I may not run very fast, but I can knock out a few miles on any given morning. And, I get to be an example to my children to get out there and do something! Plus, there is just joy in the ability to stretch my legs and get my blood pumping on my own terms...not because I am being chased! Goodness knows if I was being chased I would trip and fall and there is not a bit of joy in that!


Amy said...

How do I channel your energy and love of running? I am trying so hard and i can't wait for the day when I am overjoyed to go for a run!

You are a true inspiration!

zenmom said...

You'e crazy.
Okay, now that we have that out of the way ... I'm as much od a "wuffo" about running as I am about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but I've actually always admired your enthusiastic athleticism. :)